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We promote mountain bike trials resulting in the most
exciting & professional bike shows in North America.

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       We are in contact with the most prodigious riders in the country, athletes who have proven themselves over the years. That’s why we provide the best spectacle every time. : : :

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Promotional event….free admission!
*VIDEO #10
The B.B.T.C. Bike Trials JAM 2017 | Event promo video
For its third year, always bigger in size on SEPTEMBER 23rd
Victoria’s best bike trials event will be back!

*NEW EVENT LOCATION.. #1 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC.
Corner of Pandora Ave. & Government Street
Google Map link here

*VIDEO #9The B.B.T.C. Bike Trials JAM 2016 | Official aftermovie
Featuring pro riders: Jeff Anderson, Cam Tandy, Andrei Oprea
Mike Bentham & Carsinn Wilson

*VIDEO #6The B.B.T.C. Bike Trials JAM 2015 | Official aftermovie
For the occasion of it’s 15th anniversary
the B.B.T.C. has presented an all new show concept
downtown Victoria (BC), Canada.

*VIDEO #4– Promotional video 2014 starring
    KEVIN LIU pro bike trials rider (BC).

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       Our goal is not only to provide the best performances, but also to reach your target audience and enhance the entertainment experience of your event, wherever it takes place. We are currently working to establish ourselves in every Canadian province, as well as building relations in the United States. In the entertainment field, BESHANO is a name acknowledged by all. Find out why we reflect Quality & Style by booking with Us now! : : :

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      March 3rd, 2017

      »»» Following our recent interview with PEDAL Magazine related to our participation at the Toronto International Bike Show, the B.B.T.C. office just received a picture from rider Carsinn Wilson, presently performing at the event. We are all very proud to have reach this far with our bike trials show in Canada. The Toronto International Bike Show is considered as the second most important bicycles venue in America after the Las Vegas show. Congratulation to all our teams members: riders, performers & technicians for this new mile stone in our Club history. Magazine cover picture rider Michael G. Bentham (BC), photography Caitlyn Allan (BC).― (B.B.T.C.)


      November 27th, 2016

      »»» Don’t forget to visitThe B.B.T.C. Facebook groupfor all the lastest news about our Club. ― (B.B.T.C.)


      June 11th, 2016

      »»» The B.B.T.C. Bike Trials JAMis back this year! On Saturday, SEPTEMBER 24th, 2016 (7hpm to 10hpm) once again the event will take place in British Columbia, in the magnificent City of Victoria on Vancouver Island. With the intention of presenting a greater event than it’s previous edtion, the team has worked to developed a presentation concept that allows: more artists and performers, more lights, more special effects and all that supported by an elaboreted stage doubled in size. Visit our website also connect to our facebook groupe to get to know more about this unic and very special event coming to town. ― (B.B.T.C.)


      March 13th, 2016

      »»» Great new for 2016, the welcoming of Pro rider and world-renowned JEFF ANDERSONin the Club (BC) division. Jeff A. deffinitly masters his discipline for years now as a trials rider. Top of the line in Canada, his powerfull technics mixed with his riding experince and perfect choice of lines when competing, make Jeff almost unbeatable! The B.B.T.C. can’t wait to present you this new rider in upcoming shows in British Columbia. ― (B.B.T.C.)


      November 29th, 2015

      »»» Following the success of theB.B.T.C. Bike Trials JAMpresented on September 12th, 2015 in Victoria (BC) Canada, the organization is already looking at all the possibilities to repeate that special and unic event in 2016. The talks are, that if the Club goes forward with the event, it would be great to have it even more spectaclular than the previous edition sais the Club’s president. However, what we know for now, is that the place of the event and the period of the year would be about the same. One thing is for sure, we definitly want to stay tuned to know all about this possible up coming big event for 2016. ― (B.B.T.C.)

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