The Founder . .

      The BESHANO Bike Trials Club

      Founded by Karl Jeannot end of year 1999 in a small town called Contrecœur in Quebec, Canada, his goal was to promote this fascinating sport by gathering a few friends and fellow trial riders to present shows to the public. Realizing the tremendous interest, Karl decided to invest more in his project and to go further by presenting his bike shows to the public in other cities. Today, the BESHANO Bike Trials Club is top of the list when talking about mountain bike trial spectacles throughout North America.

      The name “BESHANO” a mix of two family names Jeannot & Beshara, is an acknowledgement to Evan John Beshara for his great help at the Club’s debut.

          Karl J. at the VIEx Fair – Nanaimo, Vancouver Island (BC)

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