The Shows . .

The sport : : :

      Mountain bike trials is a sport where the objective is to use perfect balance to keep control of the bike while going over obstacles. While competing, touching the ground or the obstacles with any parts of the body means points are deducted. That may lead to a loss in the competition.

The team : : :

      BESHANO is the largest bike trials team in Canada. Above all, we focus our efforts on promoting the sport by offering the best and the most professional bike trial shows. Today we can see our teams’ productions in popular events happening in several Canadian provinces, such as: Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. You want to intensify your event? We are the right team to consider.

The stunt show : : :

      Our show consists in discovering today’s incredible bike trials riding techniques. To observe athletes performing on their bikes at such a high level literally amazes and in some moments keeps the audience breathless.

The show packages : : :

    1) Experienced athletes
    2) Complete staging equipment
    3) 500 Watts sound system
    4) Interaction with the assistance
    5) Autographs sessions with free images given away – New!
    6) Surprises given away when resources allow it – New!
    8) Safety perimeter to surround our area
    9) Transportation of all the equipment
    10) Liability: $2,000,000

      *We offer package deals that give 3 representations a day where each representation last either 25 minutes (15 min of show + 10 min for autographs and exchange with the public) or 45 minutes (30 min of show + 15 min for autographs and to communicate with the public). To assure the best desired effect, we offer guidance in getting the proper presentations for your event. From there, the result is an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Technical needs : : :

      Space required: We require approximately 30 X 40 feet of space. However, our stage equipment is fully movable and can usually be organized in a way that will fit the available space.

      Surface specifications: We can perform on almost all hard surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, grass or dirt. Soft surfaces require extra adjustments, for example, beach sand, snow, ice or muddy terrain.

      Electricity: We require one standard electrical outlet (110 volts) for our sound system. We provide 100 feet of extension cord.

      If it rains: Our stage equipment, obstacles and bikes are designed and equipped to perform under rainy conditions. However, if the bad weather intensifies, we reserve the right to call an end to one or more representations.

To receive a quote : : :

      Contact Karl J. atbeshano@hotmail.comand send your request by giving your name, your organization information (if so), the name of your event(s) and the date(s). We will then contact you as soon as possible.


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